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About us

“ITHAKA – Architecture and Design” studio was founded in 1991.


The studio “Ithaka – Architecture and Design” is the legal successor of “Burg” company, founded in 1991. For more than 20 years, the studio completed over 100 projects in Yerevan, various regions of Armenia, in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Anapa, Minsk, Cairo, Denver, etc.


The competence of the company includes large spectrum of issues on the organization of architectural and urban fields: from urban solutions, residential/public building projection and construction, to interior architecture and engineering design. Along with the elaboration of technical and decorative lamps, the company also carries out supply and installation of furniture/lamps from European manufacturers.
The studio is also engaged in scientific-research and educational activities.

Some of the studio’s works have been exhibited on twenty international expositions in five cities worldwide, and earned eight international prizes, such as:

  • (Русский) Архитектурная Биеннале Еревана 2016 - Диплом II степени
  • Yerevan Architectural Biennale 2014 – Grand Prix.
  • Yerevan Architectural Biennale 2011 – First degree diploma.
  • Second Russian Contest “Glass in Architecture” 2012 – Bronze diploma.
  • World Architecture Festival “WAF” 2011 – Conceptional design.
  • XVII International Festival “Zodchestvo 2009” – Bronze diploma
  • (Русский) Всемирный Фестиваль Дизайна Интерьера «INSIDE»
  • (Русский) Вторая международная архитектурно-строительная выставка. Конкурс «Красивые дома» I место
  • (Русский) Вторая международная архитектурно-строительная выставка. Конкурс «Красивые дома» II место
  • (Русский) Диплом второй степени Союза Архитекторов России

Аctivity categories:

  • Architectural design
  • Urban design
  • Land development
  • Landscape design
  • Interior design
  • Architectural and technical supervision of construction process
  • Researches, consultations, and elaborations in the field of architecture
  • Legal support of projects
  • Customer's functions
  • Constructive solutions
  • Engineering equipment and networks
  • Industrial structure design
  • Agricultural structure design
  • Graphic design